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About Us

At Fox Ridge, we have years of experience working with telecom carriers and general contractors, and a centralized process for getting closeout packages submitted and approved. Gathering your field crew data, we track, audit and report back to you every step of the way, ensuring quick answers and complete control to give you the time you need to keep real-time coverage on all other aspects of your business.

For Everyone

  • Secure FTP upload/download access – All files securely available with resume capability for data integrity.
  • Routine File Backups – A dedicated offline terminal, keeping your information archived.
  • Pay Point Structure – Ensure your bottom line doesn't move because of us.
  • Scheduled Reporting – Customized intervals tailored to your needs.
  • Detailed Closeout Package Reporting – A simple summary of all missing items, failed tests and QA defects for your review.

For the Carrier/Vendor

  • We audit GC deliverables for deficiencies and report to your PM.
  • We work for you. Rather than "Reject First", we collaborate with your vendors, building relationships and training them to complete the best sites possible, now and in the future.

For the General Contractor

  • We collect raw data and compile per your customer’s specifications.
  • We scrutinize and report all deliverables to your customer prior to submittal, and work directly with the vendor or carrier.
  • We coordinate directly with your foreman or designated crew lead.
  • We provide reporting and score cards, as often and detailed as needed.
  • We conduct real-time review, so you can re-visit the site if needed.

Closeout Package Support

Closeout packages can kill any project. Workmanship and quality may be the best-ever. Your sites could be whistling along alarm-free, with managers patting themselves on the back and inviting each other to family barbecues. But none of that counts if closeouts and punch lists are a flop.

Closeouts can be a strenuous adventure, to say the least. If they get muddled, no one is happy and relationships between a carrier, vendor, and general contractor can be pushed to their limits, and beyond. Fox Ridge is a centralized source that diligently scrutinizes and reports site findings, good or bad, in real time. We help you consistently manage your data-gathering, from the field to site acceptance, to keep you doing what you do best.

Management and Consultation

At Fox Ridge, we offer professional advice and consultation services, or resources for any position you may need. From site survey to site acceptance, we have a pro we can recommend.

Our Clients

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